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YouTube has become an indispensable part of our life and we can’t ignore it for a while now because this amazing invention gives us the news of the whole world, we can get all kinds of viral videos, new thoughts, ideas, life hacks & all kinds of entertainment elements here. Songs are a part of our everyday life, it is attached to our emotions and that’s why singers are also important.

A singer can be properly valued on the platform of YouTube, they can present there creation in front of a huge audience through online and here in this article, we will know about Top 5 Most Subscribed Singers in Bangladesh. The top 5 singers on YouTube are counted from the amount of subscriber on their Channels. Here we will present the short biography, struggling life, career, & personal life of the Top 5 Most Subscribed Singers in Bangladesh. So Let’s check out below:



5. Habib Wahid

Habib Wahid is a Bangladeshi modern music composer, record producer & promising singer who has worked on modern pop music, folk, traditional Bengali music with contemporary & urban beats. He was going to the UK to study & there he was influenced by the music. He became famous for Krishno, Bolci Tomake, Shadin songs & came to light by achieving a huge response from the audience.


Habib Wahid - Singers In Bangladesh



Habib Wahid was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 15 October 1979 in a Muslim family, his father’s name is Ferdous Wahid who also a famous music artist. He completed his study on Music & Audio Engineering from School of Audio Engineering, England. His present spouse’s name is Rehana Chowdhury and his son’s name is Aleem Wahid.

His first album was Krishno released in 2003 which was all about the fusion of folk song with modern electronic music & it had become a new genre in the Dhaka music arena, people started to love this unique style. Between 2004 to 2014 he released many successful albums like- Maya, Moina go, Shono Panjabiwala, Bolchi Tomake, etc; he was awarded National Flim Award & Merril Prothom Alo Award for his authentic singing quality.

Some of Habib Wahid’s popular songs are- Obujhpona, Nodi, Tumihina, Alingone, etc; his most viewed song on YouTube is mentioned here-

Obujhpona- This song was sung by Habib Wahid in 2018 and got 4.6M views on Youtube.


4. Asif Akbar

Asif Akbar is one of the most popular pop singers of Bangladesh who has made his debut in the music industry by his blockbuster hit album ‘O Priya Tumi Kothay’ on 30th January 2001 and earned a huge response from the audience.


Asif Akbar - Singers In Bangladesh


Asif Akbar is a musician, producer & actor who born in a respected Muslim advocate Cumilla, Bangladesh on 25th Marc, 1972; he has 7 siblings & among them he is 6th. At childhood, he wanted to be a cricketer but his destiny was that he will a famous pop singer of Bangladesh; he obtained Hons & masters degree from Cumilla Victoria College. His spouse’s name is Samla Asif Mitu, they have two children named Rono & Rudra.

Asif Akbar has award 2 times for National Flim Award and 6 times for Merril Prothom Alo Award. He has worked with many celebrity singers like- Kumar Sanu, Bappa Majumdar, Dolly Shaontoni, Monir Khan, and so on; he has released 30 single albums and 87 mixed & duet albums till now.

Some of Asif Akbar’s popular songs are- O priya tumi kothay, O pashani, Besamal, Chuler jotno nio, etc; his most viewed song on YouTube is mentioned here-

O Priya Tumi Kothay- It’s a music album which is consists of 12 songs and got the highest views on Youtube, it was 10M.


3. Imran Mahmudul

Imran Mahmudul was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 5th September 1991. He is the most promising singer & music composer of Bangladesh who has added a new dimension in the music industry and came to light by his debut album ‘Shopnoloke’ in 2011. His popularity spreads too quickly in a very short time for his amazing mesmerizing voice.


imran mahmudul top singer in bangladesh


After releasing Shopnoloke, his first two solo album ‘Tumi’ & ‘Tumi Hina’ was released & that got huge response too from his fans and these albums made Imran Mahmudul the most commercial singer of Bangladesh then he has worked as a playback singer in movies, wrote three blaster songs and so on. He was awarded the best Male Singer at the Meril Prothom Alo Awards for the song ‘Dil Dil Dil’ from the 2016 film Bossgiri.

Some of Imran Mahmudul’s popular songs are- Dhoa, Raatbhor, TUi Ki Amar Hobi Re, etc; his most viewed song on YouTube is mentioned here-

Bolte Bolte Cholte Cholte – This song achieved a huge response from viewers which was uploaded on Youtube about 5 years ago and got 38M views till now.


2. Mahtim Shakib

Mahtim Shakib is a young promising Bangladeshi singer & social sensation who earned a huge response after covering a Bengali song of Arijit Singh. At first, he uploaded his first cover song on Facebook, people started liking his song & praised him a lot. After that, he makes a channel on YouTube, uploaded there a bunch of some popular covered songs which also got huge views that help him become the second most subscribed YouTube singer of Bangladesh.


Mahtim Shakib


Mahtim Shakib born in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 4th July 1999 in an Islamic family, he read in Chittagong College, his hobbies are singing, traveling, watching films & shopping, favorite foods are- Rice, Biriyani, Pizza; favorite colors are- blue, black & white.

Mahtim Shakib has an authentic tonal quality & intrinsic singing style by which he has abled to crave a niche in the musical arena. He is praised not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide, he has awarded 27th Asian Trade Fair and Cultural Show, USA, he was invited there as a special guest.

Some of Mahtim Shakib’s special songs are- Ogo tomar akhas duti chokhe, Ei poth jodi na shes hoy, Amar shonar moyna pakhi, etc; his most viewed song on YouTube is mentioned here-

Ogo Tomar Akash Duti Chokhe- The original singer of this song is Nirmala Misra, Mahtim Shakib covered her song and got 10M views.


1. Noble Man

Noble Man is the most famous emerging musician, playback singer & YouTubers who has already grabbed the place of attention worldwide. He has come in the front light by performing in the Indian singing reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa‘, this television reality show had come in Noble’s life like a magical wand & valued his singing quality properly.


Noble Man


Noble Man is his YouTube Channel name, but his actual name is Mainul Ahsan Noble, born in Faridpur, Gopalganj on 7th November 1992; he has two siblings & he oldest from them. His hobbies are singing, traveling, shopping, his favorite foods are rice, biriyani, bhuna khichuri & favorite colors are- blue, black, white & red.

At first, Noble shows an interest in Banglalink Next YouTuber but he didn’t get much response and after that, he took part in Indian musical Show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and became a sensation in both Bangladeshi & Indian music lover’s mind. His awesome performances became viral on social media not only that the judges were also blowing with his magical voice. After that, he got a chance to works as a playback singer of an Indian Flim ‘ Vinci Da’, the song was written by Anupam Roy & Directed by Sreejit Mukharjee.

Noble Man’s some famous songs are Bangladesh, Alvida, Kobita, De De Paal Tule De, etc, his most viewed song on YouTube is mentioned here-

Bangladesh- This song got most views on Youtube and it was about 8.1M, the song was originally sung by James.


That’s all, I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article & able to know the lifestyle of these Top 5 Most Subscribed  Singers in Bangladesh.


  1. Noble Man: He has 1.42M subscribers on his YouTube channel with 72 videos till now.
  2. Mahtim Shakib: He has 707k subscribers on his YouTube channel with 15 videos till now.
  3. Imran Mahmudul: He has 570k subscribers on his YouTube channel with 24 videos till now.
  4. Asif Akbar: He has 537k subscribers on his YouTube channel with 352 videos till now.
  5. Habib Wahid: He has 412k subscribers on his YouTube channel with 39 videos till now.

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