If you have talent, you can attract attention by doing a small part: Munira Mithu

If you have talent, you can attract attention by doing a small part: Munira Mithu

Munira Mithu has been around for a long time. She is mercurial on and off the camera. Recently she spoke with channel I online over the phone.

When she was asked about how her Eid dramas were received by the audience, she said they were well received. Her performances were praised by everyone. She was also asked if supporting characters get enough focus. In reply, she said she is neither denying the fact nor acknowledging it. According to her, it depends on the actor’s talent. If an actor is talented, he or she can get recognition by playing smaller roles. She also said that she is very much content with her acting.

She talked about her new newer projects also. They are House no. 96 by Mahmudur Rahman Himi, Hit and Online Offline. She was asked why her character in Family Crisis is so popular. She said the character is layered and multidimensional. The audience thought her character would be negative but it turned out the other way around. She is getting praises from all over the world for this character.

She has starred in so many projects with the great Humayun Ahmed. She said that she sometimes feels glimpses of him in present-day directors. Especially with Mostafa Kamal Raj. She also talked about the experience of acting in cinema. She feels that in our industry, lead characters are the main focus of cinema. The other characters are there to just fill the space. She thinks she never got to act in a character so good as her character in Chandrokatha by Humayun Ahmed. Though she never had to face any problems while acting in movies, she saw many people who did.

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