Earnnick Matowara Mon

I believe this can energize the listener’s mood: Earnnick

1. Hi Earnnick, thanks for talking to GrooveBD. How are you today and what’s going on in your world right now?
Hi GrooveBD! I am doing great. Spent a wonderful Eid with my family and friends and going for a post Eid trip to Lovely chittagong.

2. You’ve recently released a new single called Matowara Mon. How did this project come about?
I met DJ AKS few years back and i loved his creation. We decided to do a song in the genre of House/ Romanian Pop Music. From the idea of doing something different we started working on Matowara Mon. We invited Pradeep Saha for the lyrics and end of few recording sessions, the song came out great.

 3. How would you describe this single in terms of sound and style?
The sound is Fresh ! The style is competitively new in the context of bangla music but the good part is people are getting interested in listening more !

 4. What got you inspired for this one?
I love listening international music and always search for songs that could give the listeners a similar taste. I like experimenting and i had an instinct that DJ AKS can do a great job on that. I asked him to make a song and he picked all the right things for my voice !

 5. How long did it take to finalize this single?
Well, it did not take much after recording but pulling up the socks for recording it was a big deal.

 6. Matowara Mon is out on REAKS Records – how did you spark a relationship with this label?
When i was on the verge or releasing my album, i did not rely on any local labels. My songs were different and i needed someone who can push the project to the right target group. While knowing REAKS Records, i felt this record could do justice to the song. So far, i am glad with the amount of effort the label is giving to my song Matowara Mon. Hoping for the best result.

 7. Where would you imagine this single being played?
It’s an uptempo track. I believe this can energize the listener’s mood. I think if Matowara Mon plays in a club or a party, that will be perfect. If you are going for a long drive, u should definitely listen to this song. I bet you will connect to it instantly!

 8. Describe Matowara Mon in one word.

9. Why should people listen to Matowara Mon?
Positive vibe from a song is a nice feeling ! I always listen to the songs that makes me happy !

10. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline in the next?
Currently i am working on the projects i’ve already released. Giving all the attention to Matowara Mon, Shortly a Lyrics video will be up for everyone. I think they will like the video as well.