DJ Sayem Talks About His New Release

DJ Sayem talks about his new release

1. Hi DJ Sayem , thanks for talking to us. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a person who believes in being the best in what I do. I was originally a Dancer who had immense passion for performing arts. I choreographed lot of shows in Sydney and worked for several companies as well. I was still a student back in 2010 when I started my journey to be a DJ for the well known Luxury Constellation Cruises in Sydney. From there, my music was loved by all my patrons over the years which gave me motivation to take it to the next level – music production. Since then, I have collaborated with well known Artists like Aches Khan, Bluntz, Tanjina Islam, AKS producing Hits like Jane Jana Remix, Mehbooba, and Pani Da Rang Remix. I have performed in several Desi Functions in Sydney where the most special shows was to perform in front of 20K people in Indian Independence day and opening for Famous Punjabi Singer Mickey Singh in Hard Rock Cafe Sydney. It is just the beginning and I believe there is more to come. My aim is always to deliver something international for the Bengali Audience worldwide.

2. You’ve recently released a new single by the name of ‘Pagol Kore’. How did this project come about?

After making few Hindi Singles it was time to focus on a song that was solely Bengali as there were requests from fans and friends. I always thought the Bangladeshi Music Scene needed a tropical house flavour of a love song which had catchy happy tunes. I featured the very talented Aches Khan who you will find singing most of my songs and Ayon Abrar the next gen Piano Maestro. Ayon Abrar brought his talent and was responsible for the progression keys of the song. Mix and Mastering was done by Kazi Nourin from K-Music

3. How would you describe this single in terms of sound and style? What got you inspired for this one? Where would you imagine this single being played?

I wanted to bring in new sounds for this song. You will hear a lot of Latin kit being used as it is quite popular in the West at the moment. I took time in selecting the synths which was really important to give a happy effect to the track overall. The beat itself is not noisy like most of the songs these days but rather melodious. My inspiration came from two Artists “Mohombi” and “Faydee” who are masters of the new euro chill house genre. I am hoping that this song touches millions of hearts in Bangladesh and also looking forward to get it played not only in Bangladeshi radios like Foorti, ABC, Next, DhakaFM etc but also BBC radio UK as well so that our fellow Bengalis who can listen to this track internationally.

4. Pagol Kore got signed by REAKS  Records. Tell us how did that happen?

DJ AKS who is a very close colleague had approached with a plan for the release. As I have worked with DJ AKS in my previous projects and we know each other since 2010, I was excited to sign with his company. Previously, Reaks Records produced multiple hits that with talented mainstream artists like Parvez, Mehereen, Upol, Porshi etc which also made me encourage to go with such a label.

5. Tell us about the featured artists in this song.

Aches Khan is an amazing Talent it is always a pleasure to work with him. The thing that makes it very easy to work with is the mutual understanding and the vision of our work that we have. His feedback is valuable to me and it also enhances my work and production. Aches Khan is going to be one of the singing sensations in Bangladesh soon. Ayon Abrar has completed his studies from AR Rahman institute who got introduced to me from a Mutual Friend Navin. Ayon Abrar is very focused on his work and he catches everything very quickly. Working with him was a very good experience as he is calm and collected. Ayon Abrar is highly talented and you can watch his covers on YouTube as well.

6. Tell us about the music video.

The Music Video is produced by Stash Motions which is my own company for production. The camera work has been done by Sajaan S. Alam who has worked with Popular Artists like Xefer Rahman, Black Zang and Mala. When I saw his work I knew it had to be him who would do the cinematography for my Music Video. I brought a special crew for this song as well. Hip hop Crew XDC express is one of the leading dance crew of Bangladesh who won lot of championships and accolades as well. My good friend Shakkar brought in the crew to bring in the dance element to this song. This music video also has Aupshora as the leading model who is a leading artist and has worked with big names like Grameenphone previously. This Music Video would not have been possible without N&N International Education Consultancy Ltd. who believed in me and sponsored the Video. Special thanks to Mr. Farid from Bangla Beats Talent Hunt Tv for always having faith on my work. Special Thanks to:Abdur Rahman Khan & Sanjida Khan, Arif Rahman, Shakkar, Ajmain, Azad, Biplop, Aupshora, Sajaan, Farid Miah and DJ AKS

7. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline in the next few months?

I have lots of singles in the pipeline and you will see a change in the type of work that I usually do. This change will be for the better and I can assure you History is in the making. 😉

8. Would you like to pass a message to the GrooveBD readers?

I would like to thank GrooveBD for this opportunity and interview. I would like to request GrooveBD’s audience to support my music because it is who we are for our fans and supporters. Our inspiration and motivation comes from you. If you want to connect do like my Facebook page for updates, Subscribe Stash Motions Youtube for upcoming Music Videos and keep sharing the love. I believe in positivity and I believe I can go even further with unique art only with your love and support. DJ Sayem Signing off!