DJ AKS & Tahseenation about The Noakhali Anthem

DJ AKS & Tahseenation about The Noakhali Anthem

1. Hi AKS and Tahseenation, thanks for talking to GrooveBD. How are you today and whats going on in your world right now?
AKS: I have been working on few collabortions in Bangladesh, India and UAE. So lot of traveling around these projects.
Tahseenation: Right now busy with some of my upcoming projects. Working hard to make those done as soon as possible.

2. You’ve recently released a new single by the name of The Noakhali Anthem. How did this project come about?
AKS: Tahseenation approached me with the idea of the Noakhali Anthem and I loved the idea of a crazy fun song.
Tahseenation – The response was really good and the targeted audience which is the Noakhali people loved it. So we are happy about it. 

3. How would you describe this single in terms of sound and style?
AKS: We have tried to make it a Fun, Dance / Viral song.
Tahseenation – It is really a new hiphop with a classical famous tune.

4. What got you inspired for this one?
Tahseenation –
An old man who sang this song and I found it out on youtube. He is the inspiration behind this song.

5. How was the process of completing the single?
The song took a quite sometime since we had to coordinate between artists based in 3 countries (Bangladesh, UAE, and USA).
Tahseenation – I would say the process is kind of difficult. If you are the only one doing it then it’s really easy, but when you have some other artists along with you then it becomes a little tough. However, it pays off at the end.

6. Where would you imagine this single being played?
Tahseenation –
I would imagine on any big festive in noakhali.
AKS: Hope this song becomes a classic.

7. Tell us about featuring BanGguly and Aurin
Tahseenation –
We featured bangully cause he is from noakhali, and Aurin did the backing vocals. She has one of the sweetest voices at the moment. So despite being a non-Noakhali, we selected her for the part.

8. Tell us about the idea behind the lyrics video.
Tahseenation –
DJ AKS was the one who thought about all the ideas and came up with it.

9. Tahseenation, Is this your first single?
Tahseenation –
Yes this is my first single and some more is yet to come.
AKS: Tahseenation has actually done a pretty good job considering it was his first time singing on the mic.

10. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline in the next few months?
Yes I have two more singles coming out soon.
AKS: Yes  more singles on Reaks Records coming soon featuring new artists.