Conversation with Bijori Barkatullah

Conversation with Bijori Barkatullah

Bijori Barkatullah is an actress, dancer, and anchor. She has been wandering around several cultural sectors for over three decades. She earned the love of the audience through her acting skills. She gave an interview to Samakal recently.

In the interview, she talked about various topics. She thinks web platforms are the way to go now. If our local web platforms can produce good content, the audience will watch them. Her view on our drama industry is that the whole system is ruined now. Everyone is going after views. This is not a good practice. Importance must be given to the script rather than actors and make-up.

She appeared on Aynabaji as a guest actor. Since then she has been getting a lot of offers for appearing on the silver screen. But accepting them because of the quality of the projects. The same goes for anchoring. Recently, she danced at a function. But dancing is her hobby and it depends on so many things. So, we might not see her dancing often.

Now she is acting in a drama serial called ‘Ekhane Kew Thake Na’ by Animesh Aich. She along with some of her friends recently opened up an online saree store. She is very happy with her career and cherishes the warm love she received from the audience.

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