Bang on live Concert of Akcent

Bang on live Concert of Akcent

Bangladesh is famous for her hospitality and she has proved it again and again. This time happend the same too, the eminent singer Adrian Claudiu Sîna has come in Dhaka, Bangladesh in a event at Le Méridian on Thursday and said oftentimes that he loved Bangladesh, its hospitality and its people.

Adrian Claudiu Sîna, is a Romanian singer and founder of Akcent. It’s a Romanian dance pop act whose members sing in Romanian, English, and Spanish. Their debut album Senzatzia, released in 2000 and till now he is sparkling like star.

The event took place at Le Méridian Dhaka on 25th April, 2019 from 19.00 to 22.30. The event was organized by Rendezvous Private Ltd, a unique concern of A Kabir R Group. After arriving in Dhaka they welcomed Akcent with tumultuous greeting and bouquet . The Asian TV has covered his arrival interview.

The show was commenced with a fashion show choreographed by veteran ramp model Syed Ruma and designed by fashion designer Manj.

It was a immaculate show. The event organizers maintained the rules and regulation strictly. No bag, handbag, clutch was allowed, dress code was formal, semi-formal and the the audiences were requested to follow the show time accurately.

The audience began to laud with fervid fervor when Akcent came on stage . As soon as possible they started, the audience was blooming with his enchanting voice and enjoying with exhilaration. Sîna over and over praised in between songs saying that he loved all about Bangladesh and his friend Ashinul Kabir Rajon ,the steersman of A Kabir R Group.

The sound system of the show was amazing and the lighting was twinkling like daystar. The background screen was showing his videos that was really wonderful.

And the bottom point is when Akcent flown the flag of Bangladesh and told everyone to take photos of him that was actually marvelous to observe. His exertion, effort and engagement will be noteworthy for the audience. At last the concert finished at 10.30pm with a excellent memory. The organizers gave utmost security to all.